Perusing a wall of dental products can be overwhelming, but there are ways to narrow the choices. So what is the best way to determine which mouthwash is best?

What Is It For?

Firstly, mouthwash can never replace brushing or flossing. Although it is a very good compliment to a healthy oral hygiene routine, it just can’t do the work that a good toothbrush and floss does in knocking plaque out the door.
That being said, the first thing to consider when you’re looking to see which mouthwash is best, is you. What are your dental needs?

Sensitive Teeth?

If you’re facing sensitive teeth, and the discomfort that can accompany them, finding a mouthwash that takes this into account can be an important step to having oral products that help you in more ways than one. A clean mouth is great, but a clean mouth that feels marvelous? Who doesn’t want that?

Dry Mouth and Bad Breath?

These two often go hand in hand. Having a dry mouth means not having food debris washed away regularly, which can contribute to bad breath. If you’re looking to banish bad breath and treat dry mouth, try an alcohol free mouthwash, as alcohol can make dry mouth even worse.

Gum Disease?

If your gums are bleeding, tender, sensitive, tell your dentist. Gum disease affects a large amount of adults, and is very curable. One way you can address that gum disease is finding products that will help your gums stay healthy and clean. Plaque contributes to gum disease by irritating the soft tissue, and causing inflammation. Banishing that pesky bacteria can go a long way to keeping your mouth clean, and telling gum disease goodbye.

No Matter What

No matter which mouthwash is best for you, check for the American Dental Association seal. This is an important point for all mouthwash use. Another thing to consider and keep in mind, fluoridated mouthwash is also always excellent, as fluoride can strengthen your teeth, and prevent cavities. If you’re someone who doesn’t have any of the above considerations in mind, but you’re just looking to be seriously proactive about your dental health, prioritize the protective qualities of fluoride.

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