Root Canal & Endodontics

Thanks to endodontic advancements and root canal treatments, having a diseased nerve does not necessarily mean you will have to lose your tooth. At Mont Belvieu Dental & Orthodontics, our advanced team of dentists are able to save your tooth and your smile!

 Just hearing the words “root canal” can cause many people to shudder in fear. However, if you find yourself with an infected tooth that needs endodontic treatment, we are proud of our top-notch, gentle and skilled staff who have years of experience in making patients feel comfortable throughout all kinds of procedures. When you’re in our care we treat you like one of our own family and put all of our energy into making your experience as quick, painless and positive as possible!

Root canals are an effective and relatively simple procedure designed to save a tooth whose pulp tissue has been penetrated by bacteria and infection, whether through a crack or a deep cavity. Endodontic treatment is essential to effectively remove the infection and save your tooth. If left untreated, the bacteria can spread and cause damage to your surrounding teeth and jawbone, as well as other more serious health issues. During a root canal, our highly trained doctors remove the infected tissue, clean and seal the area and fill it in with dental composite. If the infection caused severe damage, a crown may be necessary. When our team is done, you can rest easy, knowing that your mouth is clean, healthy and ready for the years ahead. With proper care, your restored tooth can last a lifetime!

Don't let your family's teeth control when you end up at the dentist.

Let's take the best care of the smiles most important to you.